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Microblading training is a 2 - day intensive course designed to introduce you to the world of microblading, so you can become an active microblading artist. These complete classes, given by masters of the microblading, will teach you all the aspects of the microblading, from profiling the eyebrows of your clients until you consent them. You will leave this class with confidence and a strengthened desire to practice and perfect your craft.

Our courses have been structured from beginning to end with you in mind. Since Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment, it is extremely important to obtain full knowledge of all aspects of the procedure.

Our 2-day intensive Microblading training course includes:


  • Client Consent forms

  • Setting Up Your Station

  • Eyebrow Mapping / Shaping technique

  • Color and pigment selection

  • 3D Microblading Hairstroke technique


  • Licensing and permit legalities

  • Inspection Information

  • Workplace Health & Safety, Sanitation, and Sterilization procedures

  • Hands-on microblading Practice On Artificial Skin

  • Perform Microblading On A Live Model

  • Marketing & branding Strategies

  • Product & supplies resources

  • Aftercare

  • Certificate of completion


  • 3 months post - class support

       And More...

Your FREE Premier Microblading training Kit includes:


  • Training Manual / Workbook

  • Pigments

  • Measuring Calipers

  • Artificial Practice Skins


  • Disposable Microblading Pens

  • Numbing Cream


  • Cotton Swabs


  • Cotton Rounds

  • Sharpening Razors


  • Mascara Wands

  • Microfiber Brushes

  • Disposable Gloves

  • Barrier Film


  • Peel Off China Marker

  • Pigment Rings & Caps

  • Aftercare Barrier Cream 

       And More...

This Premier kit is composed of high quality Products & Tools Valued At $500 and will be perfect for your first 15 clients

Average Cost per Microblading procedure $500.00
Average time per Microblading procedure  2-3 hours
Profit or weekly income (based on 5 clients per week) $2,500 weekly
Annual Income (not including tips)  $130,000

Class Registration Requirements:


A Non-Refundable Deposit Of $500 Is Required To Reserve Your Seat

You Must Email The Following Prior To The Course:


A Copy Of Your Government Issued ID


Your Florida Tattoo Artist License Or Temporary Tattoo Artist License

Please Be Advised: Students that reside within the state of florida will be required to provide their own model on day 2. Students traveling from other states will have a model provided to them on that day. Proof of residence will be required. Each model will be pre-screened with a series of questions for procedure eligibility two weeks prior to class start date. Models will also be required to sign a consent form prior to starting the procedure on day 2.

State Tattoo Registration Requirements: 

To meet the requirements for registration with the Department of Health in Florida to perform The permanent makeup / tattoo Procedure during your training, you will need to Successfully complete a BloodBorne Pathogens (BBP) course for Florida. Completion of the BBP course is required to attain a tattoo artist license. Each state has its own tattoo regulations, Therefore you will need to complete a BBP certification course for the Department of Health in the State you will be practicing in as well as attaining a temporary Florida state tattoo artist license during the time frame of the  training event.  Students who have not acquired the necessary licenses prior to the training event will be eligible to take the course but will not be permitted to work on the live model.

IMPORTANT:  Classes are very hands-on and therefore we do not allow more than 6 students per live class and 8 per online class. We often train exclusively one on one.  Why?  It is important to us to provide each student with the attention they need to execute quality work. We want our students to have the confidence and the proper training they'll need to become the most successful microblading artist they can be.  These courses book quickly and are in very high demand!

To Book A Private 1 On 1 Training Course, Contact Us At (305) 771 - 2108 For Scheduling.

You will receive a Certificate of Attendance At The End Of Class, Plus 3 months of Online support after the training. After this course you will be required to send clear pictures of your work so that we can analyse the continued progression of your work. Once your work has been successfully completed and approved of by the instructor, we will issue your full certificate.

After this course you will be required to send clear pictures of your work so that we can analyse the continued progression of your work. Once your work has been successfully completed and approved of by the instructor, we will issue your full certificate. The instructor reserves the right to deny a student's full certificate if their work has not proved to be successful.


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